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Safety Installation Information

  1. Use only Coast Guard approved hoses and clamps.
  2. Be sure tank is properly grounded.
  3. Do not bend or twist any necks or fittings
  4. Finally, do a test before boat is placed in service.

NOTE: The following warnings are attached to every  tank

This marine fuel tank has been checked for leaks and
pressure tested at 5 psi for 24 hrs.  Therefore, it is
the owner's and installing mechanic's responsibility to
check all fuel lines, vent lines and pick-up lines upon
immediate start up of the vessel to check for any
kind of fuel leaks.  Leaking fuel is a fire and explosion
hazard.  Inspect system regularly.  The fuel sender
has been installed by our factory with 10/32 stainless
steel cap screws with fuel resistant sealer (Gasoila).
 Inspect system regularly for fuel leaks.


This tank has been Coast Guard certified and tested at
our factory.  Any modification to this tank is prohibited
as it will void the certification.  Be sure to ground
tank to grounding lug or negative on the battery.


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